The Days Are Coming ()

Mark Redhouse, November 6, 2016
Part of the The Lion Has Roared series, preached at a Souls at 7

Sermon Outline Sunday 6 November 2016 Mark Redhouse

The days are coming declares the Lord
Amos 8


v2 I will spare no longer, v7 I will never forget, v14 Never to rise again

1-3 Ripe for judgement

What do you see v1
Their religion leads them astray v3

4-6 The guilt of the people

No love for the poor v4
No love for God and His gifts v5a
No love for justice v5b-6

7-10 The judgement of God

Trembling v8
The sun will be darkened v9
Weeping and mourning v10

The judgement of God the Father fell on the only Son in the darkness of the cross

The famine of the word

It will be too late to hear the saving word of God v11
Staggering wilful ignorance v12
The future generation will faint v13
All false religion will fall v14


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